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                                       Who am I?

My name is Robin Delany. I live in a beautiful spot in the Northern California wine country with my husband and our two sweet little ones. Unfortunately the aforementioned little ones keep us from exploring said wine country. More's the pity. I love to spend time with my family, write, read, and travel. I love to letterbox, I'm a Zumba fan, and I LOVE scarves, so I wish I could knit, but I've never been able to learn.
Anyhooo! On to why I write. I read all the time as a girl and in a wide variety of genres, but I really loved historical romance novels.
I grew up the youngest of three in a religious household, so romance novels weren't readily available. They--come closer, shhh--they have naughty bits in them. *gasp* Don't tell my mom.
Lucky for me, long afternoons at the library, and book after book smuggled in by my sister and hidden under my pillow fed what I can only call an insatiable craving. However, since I wasn't able to check books out from the library, and my sister didn't grow romance novels in her bedroom, naturally, I ran out often. I admit, I would often stay up all night to read the really good ones in one sitting.
I began writing my own scenes one day during a two day drought. Shaking from romance withdrawals, I began imagining characters in my head. Soon I turned on my computer and my fingers were clacking away--telling the story of a girl on a pirate ship who falls in love with the captain, and he has to fight his evil first mate for her affections.
Knowing what I know about writing now, it's probably a blessing I no longer have a copy of that first scene. ;D
Over the years, I continued to write historical romance scenes whenever I couldn't find the story I wanted, or between book shopping trips, and eventually decided I should actually finish a book.
And that, gentle reader, is where my author journey begins . . .

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